Lesson 3 – Intro – Sept. 28-October 4 EL ELYON

            It was only a few decades ago when children called almost all adults and teachers by either their family name – Mr. or Mrs. Smith, for example, or by the title of their familial relationship, such as grandma or uncle Bob.  Even adults did not use someone else’s given/first name unless they had a personal friendship or knew another person quite well.  Gradually our culture has moved from a more formal way of addressing other people to a very informal and casual approach.  There is a wide variety of opinions about the advantages and the disadvantages of this informality.  Most of these discussions center on the topics of respect, courtesy, admiration and honor versus approachableness, equality, ease and informality.  What do you think and practice in your own conversations and introductions?

            One of the lesser known names for God in the Old Testament is EL ELYON.  It is a title that gives the utmost respect and honor to God.  It leaves no question about His sovereign position.  It leaves no room for other gods or anyone else to presume equality or even undue familiarity.  A high priest named Melchizedek introduced this name to Abram after his incredible victory over some enemies.  Abram immediately grasped the power of it and began to use it himself.  In some of the songs that David wrote, he, too, needed to remind himself that his God was truly The One Exalted God, the one who has ultimate and superior power and strength, and yet The One who always heard him when he cried out for mercy.  Isn’t it interesting that King Nebuchadnezzar also recognized the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as EL ELYON, the Most High God?  Was he on his way to understanding that what this God of the Israelites wanted was his personal response of belief and trust?

           How helpful would it be for you, at appropriate times and in certain circumstances, to remind yourself and others, not only of the concept that God is your Father, your Rock, your Savior, your Redeemer, your Friend, but to acknowledge Him as EL ELYON – the Most Exalted God – God Most High?  How would this strengthen your faith and build your confidence in Jesus, His one and only Son?

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