"A Word to the Wise" . . .

         Why stop now?  You can go right on and learn about many more themes in the Book of Proverbs if you want to do so.  You might like to read the introductions and use the study guides that have been provided for you these last 10 weeks, but really you can do it on your own!  Just take that final page found after Lesson 10 and you’ll find 8 more themes that you can explore.  For example, you’ll find proverbs that will stiumlate your thinking about generosity and greed, family and home, life and death, laziness and diligence, and what it means to have a good name.

          Our winter study, “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”, will be available to view and to print early in December.  Week by week, starting on Friday, January 4, and continuing until Easter (the last Sunday in March), we will look at the ways in which Jesus described Himself through studying the Gospel written by John.  It will be a great way for us to deepen our love and our devotion to The One who gave His life so that we might be given the gift of life eternal.

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