"Fix Your Eyes on Jesus"

A study based on the Gospel of John

     It isn’t polite to stare at someone, is it?  Your mother undoubtedly reinforced that idea when you were a child.  But, there are times when you probably cannot help yourself.  Webster’s dictionary defines the word “stare” by explaining that it means “to fix with a steady, often wide-eyed gaze” or “to look at insistently”. When you see a magnificent sunset, a stunning piece of art, or even a strikingly beautiful person, you are likely to be compelled to focus your total attention on that sight.

     Did you realize that the writer of the book of Hebrews encouraged the believers to “stare at Jesus” – to look into His eyes of love and forgiveness, to study intently His attitudes and intentions, and to devotedly ponder His promises and presence.  He wanted them, and us, to understand that it is by “fixing our eyes on Jesus” that we will be able to “run the race that God has set before us with endurance and with joy” – Hebrews 12: 1 – 2.

     Would you like to get to know Jesus better – to be able to see Him more clearly and to hear His voice more consistently?  You are invited to join us as we study together the ways in which Jesus described Himself to the crowds and to the disciples during His time on earth.  His beloved disciple, John, recorded for us some of the times when Jesus shared more about Himself through telling them this is who “I AM”.  Studying these word pictures will be a great way to deepen your love for THE ONE who gave His life for you so that you could receive by faith His gift of life and abundant joy – now and for eternity.

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