Lesson 2 – Intro – April 27 – May 4 Romans 12

      What would happen if a caterpillar had the opportunity to decide whether or not it wanted to become a moth or a butterfly?  Some would, no doubt, refuse to change out of fear or anxiety about the unknown.  Others might want to simply be in charge of their own destiny.  There may be a few who would look around them and be willing to change if they could be assured that life as a butterfly would be comfortable, easy, and convenient.  There may be some who would simply be complacent or disinterested and so they would never really make the choice that is their right and their privilege.  If this were true, not only would this be personal loss for the caterpillar, but our whole environment would suffer in a variety of ways.

       It is very interesting to note that in Romans 12, Paul urges the believers to “offer their bodies as a living sacrifice to God” and to “let God transform them through changing or renewing their minds”.  The word transform is actually related to the word metamorphosis.  Through this process, a gradual change which occurs on the inside will in due time produce a total transformation.  That’s exactly what God wants to do for us.  He gave us “the mind of Christ” through the Holy Spirit who indwells us when we came to Him in repentance and faith.  The process of transformation occurs as we yield ourselves to become the person that He intends for us to be, by His mercy and grace.

       The thought of change can be scary.  For some people it is hard to relinquish their own control or the control which they  perceive that they have.  At other times the world and the people around us cause us to be confused about the things that are really important.  Often we are simply lulled into apathy, indifference or self-satisfaction.  What do you think it would take for you to experience the kind of transformation that would bring great glory to the Savior?   And great satisfaction and joy to you!

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