His Name is JESUS

What is the story behind your name?  Is it a family name that has come down through the generations?  Perhaps you were named after a character in a book or a movie that was popular at the time of your birth?  For other young parents, the meaning of the name of their newborn baby is an important consideration.  In most ancient societies, a person’s name was far more than a label. It was a sign of that child’s unique identity.  Currently it seems to be popular to create an original name by putting letters together in a new way. Some people end up being called by a nickname that is not even related to their given name, while other individuals use their middle name or even their surname more often than their original first name.  One thing that you can be sure about is that each of us has a unique story to tell about the name we were given.

 When the angel of the Lord came to that young woman in Bethlehem so many years ago, he told her that the name of her miraculous baby should be Jesus.   Isn’t it amazing that an angel also appeared to Joseph in a dream and explained to him that Mary’s baby, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, was to be named Jesus?  This child, who had existed before the foundations of the earth were formed, was going to take on humanity and become one of us, but His identity and mission would be made clear through the name that God gave to Him – Jesus. It’s a name that is full of meaning and purpose – “The One Who Saves” or as the angel said, “He will save His people from their sins”.  It is a name pregnant with power and complete in its message. It is the name above all names and He is the one who invites us to receive His gift of love and forgiveness so that you can know His joy and peace now and for eternity.

Our faith is not simply a religion of rules or creeds.  It is a relationship with Jesus, so as you get to know Him better and better through studying His messages and miracles, I pray that your love for Him will be greatly deepened and your life will be enriched in amazing ways.

His Name is Jesus Study Guide

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