Lesson # 1 – Beginning June 17, 2011

Good intentions accomplish nothing.  It’s only when you and I act on our good intentions that things happen.  And if you are like me, when it comes to Bible study, I really need a plan – especially in the summertime, when outdoor activities beckon to me.  So, this summer I am very excited to know that week by week, I’ll be taking time to absorb God’s truth through the Book of Philippians.  We’re really hoping that you will join us.  We’ll benefit from your insights as you share with us an idea that the Holy Spirit has brought to your mind from His Word.

2 Responses to Lesson # 1 – Beginning June 17, 2011

  1. As I read about Paul and Silas and the people they encountered in this bible passage, the person I most identify with is Lydia. I grew up Catholic, baptized as an infant and knew about God, but didn’t know Jesus and his purpose here on earth. It wasn’t until I came to TLC and attended my first Good Friday service that the light went on in my head and my heart and I got it. A few short months later I was baptized.

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