What do you think?

     It’s been a habit of mine for many years.  I like to read a very short devotional thought centered around a Scripture verse or two at the start of each day.  At present the new little book, “Jesus Calling”, is providing me with a wonderful focus as I begin the unknown adventues of my day.  I am thankful for these resources – some quite new and some from decades ago. 

     So what do you think?  Is there some reason to set aside a time each week to actually open up your Bible and really study it?  To think about what God would like to teach you about Himself and yourself and how life is to be lived?  To let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts directly through the stories and content of Scripture without the filter of someone else’s opinion?  Do you think there is any difference between ‘morning devotions’ and actual Bible study? 

     Obviously, I do.  In fact, I really do.  The purpose of these guides which we will be using together is simply to help you think for yourself.  You can use commentaries and other resources if you want to do so, but I recommend that you simply try doing the lesson on your own first.  You may be surprised how much you will discover – and remember – because it is your own!  And when you have made a discovery or have a question, you will be able to express it through making a comment on this blog site – westudytogether.com    We would love to hear what you think.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    I’ve always put more pressure on my devotion time than I ought. While actual Bible study is crucial for growth, a devotion a day keeps me focused in the busy times when i’m not involved in a study, so I do find them very different. However, too often a quick devotion each day may end up taking the place of personal Bible study, not a good thing! Without personal study in the Bible we lose sight of Gods ways and our reactions to this life begin to look more like the worlds.
    I’m looking forward to the study in Philippians and am praying that God will use it to prepare my heart for our ministry in Zambia this July and August. Thanks for leading us!

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