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THROUGH ENJOYING THE GIFT OF MUSIC and SONG – Intro Lesson 6 – May 29 – June 5

Did you know that the auditory nerves, the nerves in your ear, have more extensive connections than any other nerves in your body?  It is no wonder then that scientists believe that there is scarcely a function of your body which is not affected by musical tones.  The power of music through your nerves can alter your mood, stir your emotions, invigorate or diminish your enthusiasm, and even effect your productivity and creativity.  Can you describe the various types of music which you enjoy, as well the sounds which bother not only your ears but your entire body?  Music can lift your soul and spirit up to God in wonderful and meaningful ways.

It is certainly not surprising then that throughout history music has been an integral part of the worship experience of the church.  As music is pictured throughout the Bible, it can clearly be seen as the means of expressing the wide variety of God-given emotions that makes us human.  It is the way that our praise and our thanksgiving can be more fully expressed.  Music has the power to raise our spirits and to draw us into an awareness of the beauty and multi-faceted perfections of God that no other verbal expression can do.  It can enhance someone’s awe and adoration and be a meaningful expression of the desires of someone in the privacy of their own home or space.  In contrast it is one of the most important ways of drawing the people of God, the church, into fellowship and community.  As a congregation or simply a voluntary group of people express their joy and gratefulness to God as well as their sorrow for sin and groaning over their failures and weakness, there is a strength that comes which can be deeply moving and profound. 

Isn’t it amazing that whether or not you consider yourself to be a musician, the blessing of music and song can expand your ability to express your deepest admiration of our great and awesome God.  Are you looking for more ways to find and express your “delight in the Lord?  Why not incorporate music and song more often in your life?