Jesus, the Son of God – Intro to Lesson 10 – November 18 – 25

Although she knows the words and melody for at least 25 songs, her theme song this morning is “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.” Three weeks ago when she visited me, it was, “Oh, How I Love Jesus.” She sang these songs as she built with blocks and rocked the teddy bear. She sang them while she sat in the big recliner chair to look at her books and as she waited for the next little pancake. She sang them as we walked down the road and she picked up the small pinecones, a few little rocks and then some leaves. When her pockets got too full, she told me her treasures were too heavy and we dumped them out so that she could start again. She sang them as she stopped to watch the squirrels and listen to the birds and even when she tripped and fell off the little ledge on which she was walking . She is just 2 years old and already has some favorite songs.

When the Bible encourages us to praise the Lord and to worship Him, is there any better way to do that than to use the vehicle of song and of music. Whether you prefer the Psalms, the old hymns of the church, or the newer expressions of praise music that have been written, they all provide wonderful options for “keeping your eyes on Jesus”. What better way to help us draw our minds from the visible to the invisible than to sing “Great is Your Faithfulness” or to focus on a prayer like, “Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah”? Or how about “Great is Our God” or “He is Mighty to Save”?  What better way to remind ourselves throughout the day and in the night time hours that we have a God who know us, who loves us, and who came to our world so that we might have life through His name?

Like my little friend, why not start each day with a song? What one would you choose for today? Maybe it should simply be, “Jesus loves me, this I know – for the Bible tells me so.”

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