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THE COMPASSIONATE GOD IS MY HELP – Introduction Lesson 7 – October 23 – 30

Sometimes it is really difficult to admit that we need help and then to accept it willingly.  Why do you think this is true?  So much more can be accomplished when people work with each other.  Ideas and dreams that would not even come to the mind of a solitary person can be conceived and even accomplished when the right individuals come together and support each other.  Wise King Solomon expressed this idea so clearly in his Book of Ecclesiastes (4: 9 – 12) when he said, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”  Then he goes on to illustrate this in a variety of situations.  It is true, however, that when a situation becomes desperate enough, there really is no choice but to accept the kindness and support that others are willing to give.  The irony is that the one who is designated “the helper” often receives as much or more than the one who is being helped.

As you review the story of David’s life, you soon realize that he was one of those people who experienced one major challenge after another.  His father would probably not have predicted on the day that Samuel visited his house and picked out his youngest son to be the heir to Saul’s throne, the precarious and sometimes desperate situations that his son would have throughout his life time.  David, however, learned as a young shepherd boy to call on the Lord for help. He understood that with God he would be able to do amazing things that he could never do without Him.  He was very repentant at times when he forgot to ask God for help and ended up making huge mistakes.  Mistakes that, while they had major consequences for him and for other people, could be forgiven.  With God as his support, he would be able to become the man that God wanted him to be.

To willingly admit the need for help and to graciously accept it when it is given is an indication of maturity, not weakness.  To acknowledge that you need to be supported and upheld and to lean on others so that you do not fall or fail, can be a very wise choice, not foolish.  To let God Himself do all of this and more, as He has promised, is to bring joy to both your Heavenly Father and to you.

Helpless and Hopeless – An Insight for Lesson 2

It’s a pathetic description of the human race, isn’t it? Besides being unable to solve the greatest dilemmas of life and being unsure of an ultimate destiny and purpose for life, there are unseen powers that are always at work seeking to bring confusion and alienation into the human heart and into our world. There…Continue Reading