Helpless and Hopeless – An Insight for Lesson 2

It’s a pathetic description of the human race, isn’t it? Besides being unable to solve the greatest dilemmas of life and being unsure of an ultimate destiny and purpose for life, there are unseen powers that are always at work seeking to bring confusion and alienation into the human heart and into our world. There really is no hope or way out unless somewhere, the reality of these two simple words make their way into your heart and your mind – “BUT GOD” – Ephesians 2: 4.  It’s the heart of the Good News of the Gospel, isn’t it?  It’s what I need to believe as I listen to the staggering world news and the disheartening stories of crime and destruction even in our community.  It’s the security that I long for when life feels a bit out of control.  IN CHRIST there is help and there is hope.  His presence and His promises are exactly what I need every day.  Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy and your grace.


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