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New Study – Starting September 16

Before you know it September will be here!  For some of you this will mean a new schedule, new activities, and some amount of change.  For others, things will stay pretty much the same as you have had it during your summer months.  Your vacation days may be over or still to come.  But whatever your…Continue Reading

Fall Theme and Schedule

How healthy is your heart?  Eat right.  Exercise.  Control your stress and fatigue.  Then exercise some more.  It’s all about taking care of our physical heart because it is an organ that is basic to our survival, isn’t it? However, we have more than a “physical heart” which God wants us to guard.  There is…Continue Reading

Come if you can . . .

Our first introductory coffee will be Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 9:30 AM.  If you live in the Aptos/Santa Cruz area, we would love to meet you and introduce our new online Bible study to you in person.  It will be at the Twin Lakes Church ( in Room 703.  The introduction to the first lesson will…Continue Reading

What do you think?

     It’s been a habit of mine for many years.  I like to read a very short devotional thought centered around a Scripture verse or two at the start of each day.  At present the new little book, “Jesus Calling”, is providing me with a wonderful focus as I begin the unknown adventues of my…Continue Reading

We will Study Together

It’s a very good idea, isn’t it? But we need YOU to make it successful. While you’re doing your study, just type in a comment or a question and let others know what God is teaching you through His Word. You will benefit and so will we! While you are waiting, you can check out…Continue Reading

An Invitation to Study Together With Us

Have you had trouble fitting a weekly Bible study group into your very busy schedule? Then this might be just the opportunity that will help to motivate you to get into God’s Word for yourself and provide a place for interaction with others, too. If you can take an hour each week (either in one…Continue Reading


An interactive Bible study will soon be available.  It’s going to be great! We’ll probably be starting our first study at the beginning of the summer. Each Friday morning we’ll post an introduction to that week’s lesson and you will be able to download the lesson of find it right on your computer on Let us know if…Continue Reading