ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING? – Intro Lesson 3 – Sept. 22 – 29

If you were asked to make a list of the “discoveries” you have made in the last week, what would be on your list?  Sometimes there are life impacting realizations, such as learning something new about your own abilities or you sense a new depth of courage or strength.  At other times as relationships deepen or new opportunities come, our horizons broaden.  Much of our daily joy, however, comes from seeing quite insignificant ideas and things as new discoveries – the colors on a hummingbird’s wings, the beauty of a single rose, the taste of a new flavor, or even a kind gesture from a stranger.  Someone has thoughtfully said, “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.”  It’s a great way to open up your sense of wonder and gratitude.

In the same sense, every day provides us the opportunity to see God in new ways – to notice His creative powers in the world around us, to marvel at His presence in our lives, and to uncover hidden truths that have always been there but unnoticed.  When you are looking, it is quite amazing how coincidences become a way to grasp the reality of a God who cares.  Surprises can morph into little miracles.  Even delays and interruptions can often draw us into a new spirit of thankfulness to a God Who watches over every detail of our lives.

Why not ask God to open your eyes and ears and to help you to become aware of Him throughout your day?  He would like to help you to see your world and your relationships in new ways and to discover what it means to fear and to stand in awe of Him.

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