Have you ever experienced the benefits of shadowing?  There are times when one of the best ways to learn to speak a new language is to use the advance language technique called shadowing. The learner must listen closely to the teacher and then immediately try to repeat the intonation and pronunciation exactly as it was said. In other situations, an excellent way to help a trainee learn new skills and have the opportunity to observe a more experienced and qualified employee is to use the training procedure called job shadowing. During this period of time, questions can be asked and real-time answers and explanations can be given.  What other examples can you recall?

When Jesus invited His disciples to follow Him, perhaps He was really asking them to live wholeheartedly in His shadow. He wanted them to observe His priorities, His mannerisms, His interests, and perhaps most of all His utter commitment to His Father. He took time to answer their questions, to tell them stories, to demonstrate His love and mercy and to take care of Himself by quietly spending time in prayer. Little did they realize that shadowing Jesus in person was simply the beginning of a whole new life they would be given with the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then they wouldn’t simply be watching God’s Son at work, but they would be enabled to do and to live with the power of God within them so that they could do exactly what He wanted them to do. They would be “His witnesses around the world”.

It was true for those disciples and the followers of Jesus then, and it’s true today! The Spirit of God came to indwell you and me to enable us to bring God glory through bringing Christ to a very needy world. ¬†Perhaps today as you endure and train as an athlete, as you live life with courage and loyalty as a soldier, as you are winsome and passionate as a representative, as you are compassionate and helpful as a counselor, or humble and energetic as a servant, you will know the real joy and satisfaction of bringing the reality of Jesus into your home, your neighborhood and beyond.¬† It’s what you were made to do . . .

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