THE PLACE TO BEGIN – Intro Lesson 1 – March 24 – 31

In every language there are wise sayings parents and adults like to pass on at strategic moments to their children or their employees.  Can you recall a few of them you know?  Perhaps you have heard “a stitch in time saves nine” or “a penny saved is a penny earned”.  These pearls of wisdom are often reflective of the values of a particular culture and can be very difficult to translate literally into another language with meaning and significance. 

It is amazing that so many centuries ago, King Solomon could write a whole book of proverbs which are as true today as they were when he wrote them.  Because he asked for a discerning heart when God came to him, he was given more wisdom than any man has ever been given.   These short and concise statements present truth about life, the world, and the way God intended for man to live.  They speak to the perplexities of human behavior and relationships and often give insight into the consequences of ignoring the truth presented.  As Chuck Swindoll has so accurately said, “The Psalms are about getting along with God on your knees and the Proverbs are about getting along with God on the streets”. 

Doesn’t it seem obvious to you that intentionally reminding yourself of these highly concentrated capsules of truth might be a great way to integrate the values and behavior that would bring honor to God and satisfaction to you day by day?  As you begin this study of some of the major themes that are repeated throughout this book, you just might find that your foolish ways diminish and your level of wisdom and understanding actually multiplies!

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