It takes effort.  It takes thought.  It takes a willingness to listen and to care about the hopes and desires of others.  Sometimes it means changing your mind or incorporating new ideas.  It doesn’t matter whether you are embarking on an adventure, starting a new job, furnishing a new living space, or forming a small group, coming together to clarify each one’s expectations is very important.  Disappointment and discouragement often come when one’s “strong beliefs that certain things will happen or be the case in the future” are not clarified or expressed.  So, what are YOUR expectations as you begin this new study on prayer?  What would you like the Lord to teach you?  What would His desires for you look like?  

“WHEN YOU PRAY . . .” – Lesson 1 – September 17 – 24

 Lessons can be viewed or printed anytime for your convenience and schedule – www.westudytogether.com

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