As we look forward to the new study on prayer this fall, here are some thoughts from an “unnamed old preacher” who Spurgeon quoted in one of his sermons.

   “Remember, the Lord will not hear you, because of the arithmetic of your prayers; He does not count their numbers.

    He will not hear you because of the rhetoric of our prayers; He does not care about the eloquent language in which they are conveyed.

    He will not listen to you because of the geometry of your prayers; He does not compute them by their length or by their width.

    He will not regard you because of the music of your prayers; He is not moved by sweet voices nor for harmonious periods.

    Neither will He look at you because of the logic of your prayers; because they are well arranged and compartmentalized.”

This we do know because Jesus Himself said, “Ask and you shall receive” – Matthew 7: 7

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Fall schedule – September 17 to November 18, 2021

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