Through Using Your Unique Gifts and Abilities – Intro Lesson 6 – May 21 – 28

Are you ever tempted to play the “If Only . . .” game?  It’s so easy to do.  The rules are simple but winning is impossible.  “If only I could . . .”  “If only he/she would. . .”  “If only God . . .”   You can easily imagine a multitude of scenarios which have tempted you throughout the years.  It is so easy to look at people and assume that life is better, happier or easier for them because of something that they possess or own.  It can be tempting to feel like we would be more competent or successful if we had the advantage of the skills, connections, status or abilities of someone else.  While none of us want to think of these longings as envy or covetousness, would you agree that’s exactly what they are?

There’s a cure for this disease, however.  It’s not a pill or surgery and it is not a quick fix because it will involve a serious attitude adjustment.  A good starting place is simply to acknowledge that God did not make any mistakes when he created you or me.  David reminds us in Psalm 139 that God’s workmanship is marvelous and that He knew each of us completely before we were even born.  God in His creativity and sovereignty has gifted each of us for His own purposes.  As Joni Eareckson Tada says, “Each one of us is God’s special work of art.  Through us, He teaches and inspires, delights and encourages, informs and uplifts all those who view our lives.”  There is little question that some of the most satisfying life experiences come as we humbly accept exactly who we are in Christ and eagerly accept the role that He has for us. 

As Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers, “All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.”  There is an inner satisfaction that comes as we experience God’s spirit enabling to us do what He alone has asked us to do.  There is a special joy and delight that is ours as we present ourselves as a living sacrifice in response to the amazing gifts that are ours through Jesus Christ.

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