How do you move information, ideas, lists and even names from your short-term memory to your long term one?  Experts tell us that this process is called potentiation.  Evidently the more that “frequent signals are passed within your brain, the stronger the synapses become”, meaning that these neural networks are gradually strengthened and reinforced.  In very practical terms, it is by rehearsing information over and over again in systematic and regular ways that one will be able to recall it in the future.  Without review and then more review, it is shocking how quickly we forget!

Do you want to remember the 10 ways that David described His God?  Would it be helpful to you to be able to recall each one in times of stress, disappointment or trouble?  Are you willing to take the time and make the effort to review these lessons this week?  Here are a few suggestions to help you enjoy the process.

  1. Use the final sheet in your lesson packet to personalize each lesson.  What do you remember?  Was there a Bible verse that was particularly meaningful?  By writing it down on the paper you will reinforce your longterm memory.
  2. How could you illustrate or picture on one page each description of God from Psalm 18, making a visual collage? 
  3. Using the adjectives from each lesson, write your own prayer/song beginning as David did.  For example:  I Love You, Almighty God, because You are my strength.  I often feel weak, intimidated, and unsure of myself, but you have promised to give me the resurrection power of Jesus.  Help me to move forward believing this to be Your Word to me.
  4. Make your own personalized list of additional words that help you think about your Lord and Savior.  Here’s a few from my list – my Shepherd, my Counsellor, my Redeemer, my Friend.  What other descriptions can you add to the list in the weeks ahead?  Keep you list handy so that you will remember to add to it as God gives you new ideas of who He is and wants to be in your life.

By the way, our new winter study, “PORTRAITS OF JESUS” from the Gospel of John will be available early in December.  The weekly introductions and insights will begin on January 8, 2021.

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