THE GRACIOUS GOD IS MY ENABLER – Introduction Lesson 9 – Nov. 6 – 13

When you use the word “enable”, what comes to your mind? You might think about a benefactor that has given money so that a student is able to have further education or you may actually know a person who has contributed resources of various kinds so that someone can have a specific kind of experience or even start a business. There are people who actually enable another person to have a renewed quality of life because they willingly donate to him or her a kidney to be used in a transplant. Without this kind of assistance, it would likely  be impossible for the recipient to reach these goals.

While all of these examples illustrate kind and helpful deeds, none of them compare to what God wants to do for His children.  He, through the work of His Holy Spirit and through the power of His Word, is willing to do far more than change our external circumstances.  He wants to change our internal response to those circumstances.  That is a miracle!  Where fear and anxiety are the natural response, He offers those who are willing to trust in Him, a deep sense of peace.  In place of discouragement, He will give hope.  In exchange for frustration, He will give patience.  Rather than selfishness, He will make it possible for us to extend His mercy and grace.  Wouldn’t you say that being able to change someone on the inside makes our God the GREAT ENABLER?

Looking back sometimes gives people a better perspective on what God actually enabled them to do and that is exactly what David did when he wrote his song to the LORD after He had rescued Him from his enemies and from Saul.  Think about it.  Rather than being focused on his cave experiences and his frightening escapes, he wrote, “God arms me with strength, and He makes my way perfect, He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.”  (Psalm 18: 32 – 33)  That is exactly what he wants to do for you and me, too.


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  1. Marilyn,
    So much to tell you about this study! I took it to Zambia with me and God’s word led me throughout the trip. Prior to leaving i was doing lessons 1-3, My Strength, My Rock, My Fortress (i really needed that encouragement). While there, we did it as a team each morning, everyday He showed himself to us, but lesson #4, The Sovereign God is My Deliverer, proved a true blessing to me. What timing He has! In many ways He shows me that He is with me, but this was a precious moment. I’ve written about it on our team blog. Here’s the link: . Thank you! I’m enjoying the study and (don’t be shocked) i’m even on schedule with you!

    thank you Marilyn,


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