THE SOVEREIGN GOD IS MY DELIVERER – Introduction Lesson 4 – Oct. 2 – 9

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “deliver”?  Perhaps you think first of a package or your newspaper, the arrival of a baby, or a speech or lecture.  While those concepts are all good uses of the word, the primary definition is “to release or rescue from bondage, danger, or evil of any kind”.  No doubt in other cultures and throughout history this would be the first idea that people would recall.  When someone is rescued from imminent danger, saved from a life-threatening situation, or set free from any kind of bondage, slavery or imprisonment, the impact of that event would always be in the mind and heart of the people who were involved.

It is no surprise that David described the Lord as his Deliverer as he sang out his praise.  In fact David used this idea in more than fifty of the songs that are recorded in the Book of Psalms.  In some of his poems he cries out to God to deliver him, but based on his past experience this plea has a sense of confidence and hope – Psalm 71: 4 and 79:9.  In other places he remembers how God has delivered him and his people from their enemies – Psalm 34: 4 and 116: 7 -9.  Sometimes he simply is grateful for the deliverance that he has been given – Psalm 34: 4 – 5 and Psalm 56: 12 and 13.  Acknowledging that it has been his God who has directed his paths, who has enabled him to be victorious, and who has been his deliverer throughout his entire life, was a foundational part of David’s life.

Have you thought about making this concept part of your daily experience?  It might be an interesting experiment to consider in the morning the places where you know you might need to be set free from a habit or attitude that has been controlling you.  It might be a step forward in your faith journey to consider in the evening the times when it was God who rescued you or protected you or delivered you from danger or difficulties that you were facing.   Then you could enthusiastically join David as he said, “I love you, O Lord, MY  Deliverer.”

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