RESPONDING TO CHAOS – Series Introduction – April 17 – 24

How do you remain focused when the rhythms of your life are unexpectedly disrupted? Where do you find peace when the unknowns loom large?  Where do you find comfort when everything seems topsy-turvy? There is no question that the uncertainties of today’s pandemic are causing most of us to experience some degree of anxiety or at least restlessness.  Would you agree that there is an underlying insecurity about what the future will hold for all of us?

While the advice written in Psalm 37 is directed to those who are plagued by the schemes of evil men, it can easily be applied to the troubles that are all around us as we live in this broken world.  In his old age, David penned for the Israelites, and for us, some very sage advice about how to respond to life no matter what the circumstances might be.   While you might want to read the entire chapter, you will find that the counsel given in the first 9 verses is very pertinent to life as it is for us today.  As you look at these ideas, see if you can find 4 “do not’s” and then 8 “do’s”.  Two of the positive instructions include promises that are worth claiming.  As you do you this, you will find that your hope is restored and your confidence in God’s goodness will increase.

Beginning next Friday, our new 6-week Bible study will focus on the exhortation found in verse 3 – “Delight yourself in the Lord” or “Take great joy in the Eternal!” (The Voice).  You are invited to join us as we look at 6 different ways to do this.  Curious what they might be?  Take a look at the “Current Study” schedule, page 2, and then print out the lessons so that you’ll be ready to do them week by week. 

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