SHARING INTIMATE MOMENTS – Intro Lesson 11 – March 22 – 29

There are special times in a deep friendship when a conversation becomes more personal and intimate and one is allowed to glimpse into the soul of the other person. During those moments the level of communication is very honest and authentic, often including moments of quiet reflection as well as feedback between both parties. These are very memorable and meaningful occasions, aren’t they? Sometimes those moments are romantic and intense; while at other times they are simply open, transparent and confidential. They are always poignant and powerful. You cannot plan for or predict the rare times when you or your friend will feel the freedom to be really vulnerable and genuine. You can only hold on to them in your memory and treasure them.

In the precious hours that Jesus had visiting in the home of his dear friends, celebrating the Passover with His disciples and walking to the Mount of Olives, we read in the Gospels that Jesus had time for some very personal and perhaps emotional conversations with all of them. It was in the garden called Gethsemane that Jesus shared with the eleven men who had traveled with Him throughout His earthly ministry, His deep sorrow and profound need for their support. Those moments must have been forever imprinted on their minds because before they could grasp what was actually happening, Jesus was arrested and taken to Caiaphas, the high priest, to be questioned and finally condemned to die. As the disciples fled, what do you suppose they remembered and discussed or did their fears so debilitate them that they could only think about themselves? Did those months of watching Jesus performing miracles, hearing His sermons, and experiencing His love for themselves bring them comfort or hope?

Isn’t it amazing that through Scripture and prayer we can have intimate communication with the One who was crucified in our place? With the One who rose again and is preparing a place for all those who put their trust in Him?

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