WHEN YOU PROCRASTINATE . . . Introduction to Lesson 2 – September 21 – 28

Would you agree that procrastination is something that all of us are prone to experience in certain areas of our lives?  It could be as simple as making a phone call, doing a daily chore, or emptying the trash can, but more often it is the choice to put off doing a job or keeping a commitment or facing the reality of a decision in favor of spending time doing something that is more enjoyable or easier.  When we choose to procrastinate, it can reflect a struggle with self-control or with being a perfectionist.  At times it is simply easier to delay, put off or give in to our mood, rather than to face the possibility of hard work, discomfort or even failure.  It’s a deception that usually has risk and often serious consequences.

What would have happened if Abraham had been a procrastinator when it came to his life choices?  Certainly, he would never have been used by Jesus and the writers of the New Testament as an example of “faith in action”, would he?  When God came to him and told him to move, he went.  When God said, “Trust Me!”, he did.  When God said, “Take your son and sacrifice him”, he left the next morning.  While he certainly made some poor choices along the way, because of his willing obedience, he did not miss out on the adventures that God had planned for him.  In fact, “the LORD blessed him in every way.” (Genesis 24: 1)

Would it change your life if you responded to the promptings of God’s Spirit with prompt obedience?  If spiritually, your motto would be “Never put off until tomorrow, what God would like you to do today.”


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