Want a sneak peak at what this new fall series will include?   Here it is –

  • Week  1 – Noah –      “You’re Asking Me to Do What?”
  • Week  2 – Abraham – “Really?  You Want Me to Move?”
  • Week  3 – Moses –     “You Can’t Really Mean Me!”
  • Week  4 – Joshua –    “March around the city with the ark for 6 days?
  • Week  5 – Gideon –    “How can I save Israel?  I am the least in my family.”
  • Week  6 – Ruth –        “But, my dear sister, I want to follow the God of Naomi.”
  • Week  7 – Jonah –      “Really?  Why in the world should I go to Ninevah?”
  • Week  8 – Jeremiah – “I do not know how to speak.  I am only a child.”
  • Week 9 –  Nehemiah – “Could you use me to help?”
  • Week 10 – Mary –        “How can this be since I do not know a man?                             The introduction to Lesson 1 will be coming your way next Friday, September 14.  May these lessons inspire you to set aside time each week to be inspired by the stories of the ways in which God chose to use ordinary people to accomplish some very extraordinary tasks because they were focused on listening to His voice and were attentive to His call.  It’s still a great way to live every day.

Print out the study guides or use them online –

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