THE PROMISE OF GOD’S HELP – Intro to Lesson 8 – August 3 – 10

Why is it that it can be so hard to ask for or receive help?  Is it because asking would make you feel weak and inadequate or indebted to that person? Would they perhaps learn something about you that causes you to be embarrassed or more vulnerable than you want to be?  Could it be that you simply don’t know who or how to make your need known?  What are some of the other reasons that make many of us too slow to admit that we could use assistance or too reticent to give others the opportunity to serve us in some way?

There was a time in David’s life when he needed God’s help because King Saul and his 3,000 men were all searching for him in the Desert of En Gedi.  David didn’t hesitate to call out to God for help.  He knew that his only hope for survival would be found through the protection and help of El Shaddai, the all-powerful One.  Even in the desperation of those days, he knew that he could count on the Lord’s love for him and on the promises that had been given to him throughout his life.  As he came honestly and boldly before his God with both praise and petitions, the Lord gave him not only deliverance but the opportunity to bring glory to Him.  Instead of treating King Saul with revenge and anger, he spared the king’s life!  (I Samuel 23 – 24)

It may be highly unlikely that you will find yourself being physically pursued by those who are so jealous of you that they want to kill you, but it is extremely likely that you will find yourself in places where you really need some kind of help.  Is there any chance that you will be willing to turn to God in both praise and petition when you find yourself in trouble so that He can show you His love?  He just may want to do that through other people, you know, if you are willing to ask and to receive it.


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