Is it some wisdom?  Something or someone who can help you make wise choices and good decisions?

Is it comfort or a sense of hope?  It’s the opposite of sadness, agitation, worry, and even depression.

Is it strength to meet the demands and challenges of life – emotionally, physically, or even spiritually?

Or do you simply need to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, His forgiveness and His tender care for you?

What do you believe would be the benefit for you personally if you chose to deliberately focus on one of God’s promises for a whole week this summer?  The truth is that it would penetrate your mind, influence your emotions, and strengthen your relationship to the Lord Jesus in wonderful and perhaps surprising ways.

You are invited to join with us for the next 8 weeks as we look at some of God’s amazing promises.  Print out your study guides soon so that you will be ready to begin.  The introduction to Lesson 1 will be posted on June 15 so that you can either read it online or have it sent directly to your e-mail address by subscribing.

Would you be willing to share this opportunity with your friends and family, on Facebook, or at your church?  It’s a great and easy way to join together with others but on your own schedule and at your own convenience.  Thank you very much.

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