What are you looking forward to doing or accomplishing this summer? For many there is a change of schedule, a vacation or some opportunities for picnics and visits with friends. For others the warmer weather and longer days seem like a good time to bring out the project list.  What are you anticipating or planning to experience?

Why not plan now to include some regular Bible study time each week? The kind of study where you actually read some Bible verses and think about what God might want to communicate directly to you! Perhaps you would like to invite a friend to meet with you once a week and together you could do the study and pray together. It could be in person, by Skpe, through chatting, or even on your phone.

Our summer study is called “PROMISES YOU CAN COUNT ON”– an 8 week study focused on God’s amazing promises. The introduction to the series will be posted (or sent to your e-mail address if you subscribe) on Friday, June 8, and the first lesson will start on June 15. You are invited to join us as we discover some of the things that God has promised to give to you and to me.

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