Returning to Wonder and Awe – Insight for Lesson 3

Why is it that adults generally lose much of their spontaneous sense of wonder?  Their willingness to simply be amazed? Their God-given sense of awe or astonishment?  Is it their need to feel in control or their subtle desire to be viewed as mature?  Is it simply the “been there, done that” syndrome that causes their enthusiasm to diminish over the years?  Probably some of the most awe-inspiring verses in all of the Bible are found in Romans 3: 22 – 26.  “Lord, I pray that today, and in the days to come, You would open my heart to the amazing love that You demonstrated to me through the death and resurrection of Your only Son, Jesus?  I want to stand in child-like astonishment that you would pronounce me “Not Guilty” but “Righteous” in Your sight.  Amen!

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