Who Will You Choose First? – An Insight for Lesson 6

Remember the slogan that Safeway had for many years?  It is actually a very Biblical idea and one that was very important to Jesus.  “Since we’re neighbors, let’s be friends.” It’s easy to be simply acquaintances and even go to far as to have short conversations or borrow a tool, but to invite them inside of your space, your home, is what hospitality really looks like. It doesn’t have to be a whole meal and your house doesn’t have to look different just because they are coming inside.  You can use any excuse or make a cup of tea, but why not go ahead and see what you can learn about them as you sit together at your kitchen table or on your deck?  You just might find out that God will be very present and surprise you in wonderful ways as you reach out through hospitality to the people who live closest to you.  Who will get the first invitation to come inside of your space?



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