WHAT’S NEXT? – Intro to Lesson 9 – March 10 – 17

What is the question that people ask both themselves and others at the completion of any major event? It might be at the time of a graduation, at the end of an assignment with the military, or even when you get home from a wonderful vacation. It could be after an unexpected reversal in finances or the loss of a loved one. As people look forward to the next step in their career or family, what they want to know is “what’s next?” What are the things that you are looking forward to doing? What are your plans and goals? Where do you think you will be in the coming months? Both our immediate and long-range futures are a big part of how we experience the present. Knowing what might be next influences the choices that we make today.

As the 2 disciples followed Jesus’ instruction to go into the next village and get a colt that no one had ever ridden before, they must have wondered what would be next. Little did any of His disciples understand that in a short time the crowds would gather and there would be a wonderful celebration of the One who could do amazing miracles and who could speak with authority about so many things.   As they walked with Jesus down the road toward the temple in Jerusalem, listening to the voices of the people shouting, “Hosanna – Save Us” and “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”, they might have started to believe that the Messiah would indeed set up His kingdom in the immediate future or they might have felt totally confused and concerned. What did Jesus mean when He said that He must die and rise again? What would really happen now that they were back in Jerusalem and both the chief priests and the teachers of the law were trying to kill Jesus? They knew that Jesus was certainly in charge of His destiny but what was the next thing on His agenda?

When you find yourself asking the question, “what’s next, Lord”, it’s a great time to remind yourself that while things may look uncertain and confusing, Jesus always invites you to keep walking with Him because He knows the future and understands your fears and your concerns. He has promised to take care of YOU!

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