When You Feel Abandoned – An Insight for Lesson 4

It might have felt like an adventure to Noah and his family for the first 40 days as they watched the “rains come down and the floods come up.” They might have shared stories about God’s provision and care for them as the ark was being built and as the animals came in two by two to their new place of shelter and safety. However, as the weeks and months went by, do you suppose some of them began to wonder whether or not God had forgotten them? Perhaps they began to speculate about their future and what it might look like “if and when” they would ever experience dry land again. It’s at times like this when it is so easy to feel not only anxious but to feel abandoned. That’s why I am drawn to the phrase in Genesis 8: 1, “BUT GOD REMEMBERED NOAH”. My God always knows me and sees me. He will always act on my behalf at just the right time. It’s a comfort and it’s a prayer. It’s just one of the reasons that I can persevere. HE ALWAYS REMEMBERS ME – and You!

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