“Give Me the Right Words” – An Insight for Lesson 6

How often have you sent up that quick little prayer while you were in a conversation that had the possibility of being a very strategic one? The right words, the right timing, the right attitude, the right questions, the right amount of information – we all need God’s help, don’t we? There is a new book called God Space, by Doug Pollock, which you might find to be very helpful as you seek to “make spiritual conversations happen naturally.” The book is dedicated to Christ-followers all over the world who long to see the quality and quantity of their spiritual conversations increase in natural and doable ways. His ideas are practical and insightful. So, as Paul says at the end of his letter to the Ephesians – “Ask God to give me the right words so that I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan . . . and I might add a few more adjectives like wisely, carefully, sensitively, unselfishly share the Good News of God’s great love in Jesus. “Let the words of my mouth be pleasing to You, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer” – Psalm 19: 14.


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