Childlike Wonder – An Insight for Lesson 6

Why is it that as most people grow older their sense of wonder seems to greatly diminish? Young children are naturally filled with wonder and awe. They look at the world around them with a sense of amazement and curiosity. Their questions and eager observations often make adults see things with a new perspective and help them make unexpected discoveries. Perhaps one of the many reasons that Psalm 19 has been a favorite psalm for so many generations is that David helps us to regain a great sense of wonder. His poetic words, picturing for us the splendor of God’s creation and then the marvel of God’s Word, can draw us to a place of humility and gratitude, to an eager stance of repentance and submission, helping us to be in awe of such a great God. “Help me, Lord, to cherish the ability to look at the works of Your hands and the words of Your mouth, with wonder and gratefulness. Restore my sense of childlike wonder every day!”

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