No Favorites! – Insight for Lesson 1 (Psalm 1 & 2)

In some classrooms it is obvious that there is a “teacher’s pet”.  In some families it feels like there is one child who seems to get more than his/her fair share of attention and favors. Isn’t it amazing that with God, our Heavenly Father, there are absolutely no favorites!  What He promises to you, He promises to me.  His love is never what anyone of us can earn or deserves. He is eager to bless anyone and everyone who will listen more attentively to Him than to other voices, both internal and external, that call out to us with a loud voice or whisper gentle words of enticement in our ears. He is waiting to be our protection when we find our refuge – our comfort, solace, and strength – in Him. He is delighted when we eagerly come to His Word and seek His counsel throughout our days and in the darkness of our nights. Thank You, Jesus, the Anointed One, that Your blessings are not just for some special people, but they are for me, because I am your beloved child.


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