I Can Hardly Wait – An Insight from Lesson 11

When Jesus told His disciples that He would be leaving to go and prepare a place for them so that they could always be with Him, they had no idea that generations would come and go before this promise would be fulfilled.  They must have held on to that hope with eager anticipation and yet many questions.  So, today, as this Christmas season begins, it is this same hope that brings me peace and joy.  There’s more to life than what we know at the present.  There’s a home with Jesus where He will be the light.  Where I will be welcome to sing with the vast choir.   Where there will be no more sickness or pain or death.  There will be no more disappointment and grief.  Where we will see our Savior face to face – forever.  While I love to celebrate His birth – His first coming, I can hardly wait for that day when He will come again.  How about you?

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