Feeling Agitated? – An Insight from Lesson 8

Have you noticed that it can be just a small paper cut or rather insignificant ache that can become a source of real physical discomfort? It doesn’t have to be a large wound or a broken bone for me to become focused on my pain. It occurred to me that the same thing is true when it comes to having peace – that state of mind and heart when there is tranquility and calm, where there is an absence of anxiety and concern. Most of the time it is not life’s major decisions, but the small irritations and disappointments that cause me to become restless or a bit agitated. This week the Lord has tenderly reminded me in Isaiah 26: 3 – “I will guard and keep in perfect and constant peace those whose mind (both its inclination and its character) is stayed on Me, because he/she commits himself to Me, leans on Me and hopes confidently in Me!” (The Amplified Bible) Thank you, God, that You will do this for me as I continue to learn to rest and trust and wait on You.

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