When the Wait is Long – An Insight from Lesson 4

What gave Noah and his family hope during those long days and nights in the ark when the rain kept falling? How did Noah encourage them as they watched the water recede for not only weeks, but months, but they still couldn’t get off that boat and stand on dry land? We are only told that Noah was a man who “walked with God” – it had always been enough for him to believe in a God who was very present with him and who was worthy of total obedience. He must have been convinced that, while he might not understand the devastation and loss, God’s purposes would surely be accomplished.  Certainly, along with a wonderful sense of humor, he understood that “waiting on the Lord” would bring blessings beyond what they could begin to conceive. Perhaps he created a game, called “Anticipation”, a game in which they could use their imaginations to describe the most wonderful ways in which God was preparing a new place for them to thrive. What are you anticipating?


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