W . a . i . t . i . n . g . – Lesson 1 Insight

WAITING.  Waiting.  W..a..i..t..i..n..g.  While it may appear to be a time of inactivity, in reality it is a time that is often mentally and emotionally charged.  In fact, the unknowns and the insecurity that can accompany both short and prolonged periods of waiting can drain energy and play havoc with our ability to focus and be productive.  It occurred to me that the willingness to “wait on God” changes our whole outlook.  Did you notice the adjectives that accompanied the word “wait” in this study? Patiently, quietly, hopefully, confidently, eagerly.  So, dear Lord, please help me to be done with my imagination and the temptation to feel anxious and upset, but to anticipate with eagerness what You are always accomplishing when I put my trust in You.

GREAT RESOURCES for this study –

  • Timms, David, Sacred Waiting, Bethany House, Minneapolis, MN, 2009
  • Murray, Andrew, Waiting on God, Feather Trail Press, Lexington, KY

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