The Promise of STRENGTH – Intro to Lesson 4 – July 10 – 17

Do you have any idea what the synonyms for “inner strength” are in a Thesaurus? Here they are: self-assurance, positive self-image, and aplomb.   If that is the kind of fortitude and stability that you are seeking, there are a vast amount of resources available for you – books, classes, articles, counselors, and online materials. No doubt, some of theses ideas will be helpful and empowering, but will they be satisfying and enduring when life is really challenging, the totally unexpected happens, or death is close at hand? It’s question that is worth considering quite carefully. Are there other options that you might be wise to explore?

When Paul wrote to his good friends in Philippi, he did give them quite a long list of all of the reasons that he could have felt self-assured and confident in himself and his own efforts. However, none of those things mattered to him compared to the great privilege and joy that he was experiencing in knowing Jesus, his Lord. In fact, he admitted to them that the one and only reason he could be so content, so courageous and so joyful, was that Christ was giving him his strength. He was eager to know “the mighty power that raised Jesus from the dead in his own life”. How he longed for his friends to understand and to have this same kind of relationship with Jesus.

Every day, just like the Paul, we have the option to choose SELF-confidence or GOD-confidence. Why is the decision so complicated at times and in certain circumstances? Would it have anything to do with believing God’s promises?

The Promise of STRENGTH – Philippians 4: 13

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