The Promise of PEACE – Intro to Lesson 2 – June 26 – July 3

Did you know that more Americans seek medical treatment for anxiety than for back pain or migraine headaches, according to the American Psychological Association? In fact, statistics indicate that the number of people experiencing stress-related physical symptoms, including panic attacks and nervous breakdowns is increasing at an alarming rate.   Anxiety, according to the dictionary, “suggests feelings of fear and concern detached from objective sources, feeding themselves, as it were.” Living in a rather constant state of uneasiness, unrest, agitation, and anxiousness will often be the root cause for very serious problems in the future.

While our fast-paced American culture with all of our technology and worldwide communication capabilities may aggravate the human tendency to be anxious and worried, it certainly is not a new problem. Jesus knew and understood exactly how His disciples were feeling as He made his destiny known to them. He knew that in addition to understanding how much He loved them, they were going to need His gift of peace. More than once He reassured them that because the Holy Spirit would be with them and in them that they could have peace. In fact, He told them that they would continue to have trials and sorrows while they were here on earth but that IN HIM they could have peace because of His triumph over this world. (John 16: 33)

It’s a gift of enormous value. It’s a gift that the world cannot give. It’s gift that cost Him dearly. It’s a gift that communicates His unlimited love and grace. He is offering it to you!

The Promise of PEACE – John 14: 27

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