What Do You Need? – Lesson 1

“I just don’t have what it takes!”  Have you ever expressed that kind of sentiment to a friend or at least felt like it was the reality that you were experiencing at that time?  Perhaps there are occasions when that kind of honesty is actually a helpful appraisal of your skill level or competence, but more often it is a big red flag that indicates your level of discouragement and a cry for someone to understand or to help you.  When it comes to living a Godly life, none of us “have what it takes” on our own.  I certainly don’t and I’m pretty sure that you would agree with me.  Sometimes it’s downright discouraging, isn’t it?  Remembering these verses in II Peter at times like this never fails to make a difference for me.  They help me focus on The One Who has promised to give me just what I need when I need it as I trust in Him.  How about you?

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