The New Life in Christ – Intro Lesson 6 – February 13 – 20

There are so many things in our physical world that most of us cannot possibly understand or explain.  In recent years, the whole field of technology has become mind boggling.  How is it that simply by the push of a button, I can be chatting with my friend in India, even looking at her picture?  How can it be that you can ask almost any kind of question on one of your computer devices and in seconds you will find opinions, research, and various ideas which might give you some answers?  The mysteries seem endless and yet the advances keep coming, don’t they?   We live quite contentedly with them and enjoy the changes that come, though they often only deepen our inability to grasp how it all works.

If these mysteries are true in the place where our senses help us to see and hear and smell and reason, we can only expect that in the spiritual world there are mysteries far beyond what our minds can actually grasp.  Just one of those puzzling concepts is the fact that when someone comes to faith in Jesus Christ, he/she becomes a “new creation”.  In reality the Spirit of God comes into every believer at the moment of salvation and there is a whole new dimension to life.  There is the possibility that no longer will sin and selfishness have control of our attitudes and behavior, but God’s Spirit will give us victory over the things that once controlled us so that we will begin to reflect Jesus, our Savior and Lord.  It is IN HIM that we can become the person God created us to be.  It seems that mysterious spiritual concepts like this only become reality when we step out by faith and begin to experience the truth of what the Bible teaches.  It makes every day an new adventure!

The story is told of a slave who was chained to the deck of a ship.  He assumed that those chains would be there for life and that somehow he deserved this.  When his freedom was given to him, the slave could not, would not believe the truth that was told to him.  “You are free.  You can go.”  He, however, couldn’t leave because his mind could not conceive or receive the truth.  When it comes to believing the message of the new life that we have been given in Christ, we are all more like the slave than any of us would want to admit.  The truth is that we have the risen Christ within us, with His resurrection power.

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