Sharing An Insight – Lesson 5

A commandment brings to mind –  “I should.  I must.  I ought to.  I have to.”   A call suggests – “Yes, I want to.  I’m coming.  I will”

HIS CALL” by my friend, Kathy Lewis

            Yours is the voice, Lord Jesus, I would hear far above all,                                                                                                     for sometimes I mistake it and ‘the need is not the call’.

           There are many tasks around me, deeds of love I’d gladly do,                                                                                          Time and talent all surrendered, offered up my Lord, for You.

            But there comes a time of reckoning, time for careful, prayerful choice,                                                                                Is it You Who beckon, “Follow”, or is it yet another voice?

           Tune my ears to know Your whisper unmistakably, my guide,                                                                                              Let none other draw me from You when You call me to Your side.

           With my whole heart I would love You, giving You my all in all.                                                                                      O, what peace to know Your leading! O, what joy to hear Your call!

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