Sharing an Insight – Lesson 4 – John 17

As Jesus lifted His eyes up to heaven and looked toward the face of His Father, the disciples must have been greatly moved by the intensity of His determination to complete the work that He had come to earth to do.  However, they surely were also overwhelmed with the reality of His love and desires for them.  Those moments would certainly have been indelibly printed on their minds.  “Father, give them our glory – our character. Protect them.  Send them out so that the world will be able to see You and Me through them.  Bring them to join us forever and ever so that they will really be able to enjoy all the glory that we have.  That’s how much I truly love them!”  I want to echo His prayer for me. Don’t you?  “Jesus – please give me your character;  protect me;  may the people I meet see You through the way I live and treat them – until You take me to Your heavenly home to be with You forever.” Amen!

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