Lesson 4 – Intro – April 11 – April 18 Final Prayer of Jesus

How does it make you feel when you actually hear someone praying for you? Giving thanks to God for who you are and what you mean to them. Bringing your concerns and requests along with their own desires to the Lord with the confidence that He will hear every prayer. It is a very encouraging thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it can be emotional. At other times it can actually open up your heart and mind to new ideas and give hope to both of you.

John, the dearly loved disciple, is the only one who recorded Jesus’ final conversations and prayer in his gospel. The other Gospel writers did not choose to include those very powerful and memorable words which they heard when Jesus prayed not only for Himself, but for them and for all who would believe His message in the future. No doubt, the ideas which Jesus brought before His Father would be the basis of many conversations, not only in the fear filled hours between the arrest and the resurrection, but in the months and years to come. “Protect them! Give them My joy! Sanctify them by the truth of Your word. Send them! Put Your love in them!” These were the ideas that weighed on His mind as He willingly set His face toward the cross. He knew how to turn His anxiety and agony into prayer.

To realize that Jesus also prayed for you and me is astonishing. He earnestly asked His Father to make His love known to us in the same way that He had made it known to Him. “Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus – vast, unmeasured, boundless, free!”

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