Sharing An Insight – Lesson 5 –

No doubt you have noticed that there are some people who just make you feel “at home” when you are invited to their house.  There is no pretense or excuses for the way things look and there is a genuine warmth and generosity that pervades the conversation and the silence, the atmosphere and the actions.  We call it “the gift of hospitality”.  I love the translation of Ephesians 3: 17 which says that as I experience the unlimited resources of God’s strength through the Holy Spirit each day, Jesus will “make His home in my heart”.  He will feel welcome and His presence and love will begin to permeate the secret places and His light will expose the cobwebs and the places which even I fear to expose.   Do you remember the children’s song – “Come in to my heart.  Come in today.  Come in to stay. Come in to my heart, Lord Jesus”?  That’s a good song as a beginning, but today I am asking Him to make my heart His home.  I’m getting excited about the renovation that is taking place . . . by His power which is “exceedingly, abundantly above anything I could imagine”.


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