Sharing an Insight – Lesson 4

Do you think of yourself as a skeptic?  Someone who is prone to doubt and to question, who tends to be uncertain about the claims that people make.  The truth is that probably we are all more skeptical than we realize or want to admit.   The reasons are obvious, aren’t they?  Sometimes I wonder how much this subtle outlook affects my eagerness to pray and my anticipation of the ways that God has promised to hear me when I do pray.  When Paul prayed for the believers in Ephesus, he clearly expected that God would continue to help them understand the unlimited riches and power which they had in Christ Jesus.  He knew that God really did want to “flood their hearts with light so that they could understand the confident hope and inheritance that belonged to every one of them.”  (Eph.1: 18)  Thank you, Lord, that when it comes to prayer, You will continue to change my uncertainty and my skepticism to eager expectation through Your Holy Spirit and Your Word.

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