Sharing An Insight – Lesson 3

This whole idea of prayer is so contrary to our human inclination and our culture’s values, isn’t it?  I want to feel in control, independent, self sufficient and valued. It shows up in such unexpected places and ways.  The “voices” around me and in me reinforce the idea that I can make this happen if I will just try a little bit harder and make a better impression on the people around me.  Then Jesus reminds me that He is the One, the Only One, who can set me free from the bondage of myself and these sinful desires.  He is the One that gives life and peace through His Spirit.  He is the One that helps me in my weakness, not in my strength.  In fact, His Spirit even prays to God the Father for me and I simply get to cooperate with Him when I pray or simply groan.  It is really quite amazing what happens when these truths become the focus of my mind and my heart. Make it so today, Lord Jesus.  Amen!   (It’s all in Romans 8)

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