Sharing an Insight – Lesson 2 –

Do you like lists?  I need them – every day.  In fact, I wouldn’t function very well without them.  What groceries do I need at Safeway, Trader Joes, and Costco this week?  What errands do I need to do when I go in to town?  What calls do I want to make?  And, of course, if I’m going on a trip, what do I want to pack and take with me?  Recently I made some lists that would help me to remember the people for whom I really want to pray – daily and weekly.  Here are my categories – family, friends, missionaries, church and organizations, need Jesus, and urgent.  Now when I tell someone that I will pray for them, there is a confidence that as I look at the cards (1 for each category) most mornings, I really will do it.  I will faithfully remember to pray for them by name.  My “Urgent” card for this month is growing and it is bringing me a new sense and awareness that when I pray for others intentionally, God draws near and listens and cares and will keep His promises.   Try it – you just might like it, too!

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